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What does the best-before date and
the label "Often longer good" mean?

What does the best before date (MHD) mean?

The best-before date (MHD) indicates the minimum shelf life of a food product when stored correctly. Not to be confused with the expiration date - because foods are organic products and can often be consumed longer than indicated on the best before date. Especially with dairy products, you can test by looking, smelling and tasting whether the product is still good and can be used longer than the best before date. 



What does "Often longer good" mean?

After the expiration of the best-before date (MHD), many foods are not automatically spoiled and edible for longer. To counteract the misunderstanding of the best-before date and the associated food waste, the initiative "Often good for longer" was launched. The label shows consumers that by looking, smelling and tasting, many foods are edible for longer. 

Regardless of the best before date, food should no longer be consumed if it has an atypical appearance, smell, taste or consistency. 


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MDH or use by date?

"To be consumed by:" indicates the time from which a food may pose a health risk after consumption. Fish and meat in particular should not be consumed after the use-by date. 

This contrasts with the best-before date - products are not automatically unfit for consumption after the best-before date has expired.  

Often longer good!

We have joined the initiative "Often longer good". Therefore, some of our products now bear the Oft-länger-gut label. The use of the label is of course not intended to restrict the information on the best-before date, but rather to motivate consumers to set an example against food waste by using their senses, by looking, smelling and tasting. 

More information about the initiative can be found HERE.  



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